Walking with the Enemy (2013)

IMDB: 6.1/10 ,Total viewed: 0
A powerful new film inspired by a true story. This feature follows the heroic lives of a world leader and a young man swept up in the horrors of WWII. Both men are from Hungary--a country and German ally that had been spared the atrocities orchestrated by Hitler throughout much of Europe. As the war reaches its climax, Germany begins to doubt the loyalties of the Hungarian leadership-in particular Regent Horthy (Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley). The Regent tries to navigate his country between the growing terror of Nazi Germany and the oppressive threat of communist Russia. He is ultimately faced with ceding power to another political party or accepting the execution of his son. As the crisis unfolds, thousands of his citizens are forced underground or put into ghettos. One of them is a young man named Elek Cohen (Jonas Armstrong) who is separated from his family and determined to find them. Aided by the woman he loves (Hannah Tointon), Elek disguises himself as a Nazi SS officer ...
GenresAction, Drama, History, Romance, War
CountryCanada, Hungary, Romania, USA
Release Year2013
Duration124 min
DirectorMark Schmidt
ActorsVitalie Bichir, Florin Arhip, Jonas Armstrong, David Leon, Hannah Tointon, Flora Spencer-Longhurst, Mark Wells, Michelle Miklosey, Jeffrey C. Hawkins, George Icleanu, Vlad Radescu, Naomi Capron, Avila Schmidt, Ann-Marie Schmidt, Simon Kunz
ProductionCastel Film Romania, Liberty Studios

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