Unspeakable (2017)

IMDB: 5.6/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Jo Shepherd, mother to Ben and Katie, lives with them and her much younger partner, triage nurse Danny. She is horrified to receive an anonymous text suggesting that "something's going on " between 11 year old Katie and Danny and, unable to identify the sender, confides in her friend Sally that Katie has been unusually withdrawn. Concerned that she is about to leave the children with Danny for a week she ultimately confronts him, resulting in him angrily walking out. Determined to hear Katie's version of events she visits her at her ex-husband Des's house to eventually discover the truth.
Release Year2017
Duration47 min
DirectorDavid Nath
ActorsLucas Bond, Kate Ashfield, Sophie Brooke, Anil Desai, Alison Garner, Lucinda Holloway, Ffion Jolly, Neil Maskell, Nina Sorrentino, Will Thorp, Luke Treadaway, Indira Varma, Jordan Whyte, Abigail Wisdom
ProductionStory Films

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