Truth (2014)

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Truth (2014)
In response to the days following 9/11, a covert government agency funds a black book project to develop a live virus, Nano-Technology based truth serum. Nanotrack Industries successfully develops Veritas PVH 13 and although it produces psychological anomalies in some subjects, this chemical crowbar permanently removes a subjects ability to deceive. Large scale testing on enemy detainees in a secure, off the grid, New Mexico research facility initially exceed all expectation, but when the virus mutates, it indiscriminately kills both prisoners and researchers alike. Ten years later, a group of racially diverse college students and their Professor, unwittingly stumble upon this buried secret while out on an extra credit assignment to document the mysterious Passion Valley Hospital hidden in plain sight in the Gila Mountains of New Mexico. The story is a science fiction, horror/thriller that entertains while at the same time offering deeper themes that explore who we really are when we ...
GenresHorror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Release Year2014
Duration96 min
DirectorMichael Cramer, Troy Scoughton Jr.
ActorsWilliam McNamara, Katyia Shurkin, Wayno Sanchez, Dyami Thomas, Neko Sparks, Robert Dean, Johnny Tabor, Sabrina Gomez, Marcelle Bowman, Bob Singer, Jack Lutz, Eric Young, Kevin Friesen, Jon Tabor, Kenneth McGlothin
ProductionPRC Productions

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