Tour of Duty Season 1 (1987)

IMDB: 8.5/10 ,Total viewed: 0
It is 1968 and Sargeant Zeke Anderson, a soldier on his third tour of Vietnam, strives to do what he does best - keep his platoon alive. Following a particularly fierce nocturnal attack on Firebase Ladybird by the NVA, Anderson couriers intelligence to Battalion headquarters and does a little recruiting from a group of newbies in order to replenish the platoon's depleted numbers. The last to be recruited is Roger Horn, a harmonica playing anti war protester. Anderson also meets his new Lieutenant, Myron Goldman, a gung-ho officer candidate school graduate taking up his first field position. The two butt heads on their first mission, Goldman resentful when the more experienced Anderson steps in to stop him from making decisions that would put the platoon in jeopardy. Stumbling across the covert headquarters of a band of NVA, the platoon engage in a fire fight resulting in Goldman embarking on a steep learning curve while gaining respect for Anderson's field savvy and bravery. In the ...
GenresAction, Drama, War
Release Year1987
Duration45 min
DirectorBill Norton
ActorsTerence Knox, Stephen Caffrey, Joshua D. Maurer, Steve Akahoshi, Tony Becker, Eric Bruskotter, Stan Foster, Ramón Franco, Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Kevin Conroy, Keith Amos, Bob Fimiani, Terry Cook, Brian Kenton, Bryan O'Dell
ProductionNew World Television

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