The Villainess (2017)

IMDB: 6.7/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Sook-hee is a trained assassin who was born to kill. She was just a little girl when the training started in Yanbian, China. After the death of her mentor, when the chance of starting a new life was given to her, she came to South Korea as a government agent. They promised her that she will be free after ten years of service. So she begins her new life as a theatre actress. But soon two men Joong-sang and Hyun-soo appear in her new life. And she started to find deep dark secrets about her past. Eventually she take matters into her own hands.
GenresAction, Drama
CountrySouth Korea
Release Year2017
Duration129 min
DirectorByung-gil Jung
ActorsOk-bin Kim, Ha-kyun Shin, Jun Sung, Seo-hyeong Kim, Eun-ji Jo, Ye-Ji Min
ProductionApeitda, Next Entertainment World

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