The Swindlers (2017)

IMDB: 6.2/10 ,Total viewed: 0
High stakes and fast talk are the game in this crime caper that brings together an all-star cast as unlikely allies from different sides of the law. Each member of the team has their own motives, but they'll have to work together to achieve their common goal-trapping the world's most legendary con man.
GenresAction, Crime, Drama, Thriller
CountrySouth Korea
Release Year2017
Duration117 min
DirectorChang Won Jang
ActorsHyun Bin, Ji-tae Yu, Seong-woo Bae, Sung-woong Park, Nana, Se-ha Ahn, Dae-Woong Ahn, Winurach Artiya, Seung-hwan Baek, Soon-bae Cha, Thaingsoontorn Chaiwat, Duk-moon Choi, Hong-il Choi, Il-hwa Choi, Hye-Yeon Goo
ProductionDoodong Films, Showbox Entertainment

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