The Showdown (2011)

IMDB: 6.0/10 ,Total viewed: 0
After a battle between Joseon and Ming forces in Manchuria only three soldiers from Joseon survive. They take refuge in an abandoned inn. Soon it is clear that they have as much to fear from each other as from the Ming forces.
GenresAction, Drama, History
CountrySouth Korea
Release Year2011
Duration111 min
DirectorHoon-jung Park
ActorsHee-soon Park, Goo Jin, Chang-Seok Ko, Kap-su Kim, Gook-hwan Jeon, Il-hwa Choi, Hie-jin Jang, Jong-su Lee, Hyeong-jong Kim, Jang In-ho, Young-ki Jung, Se-hyeong Ki, Gil-dong Kim, Sung-bum Kim
ProductionBidangil Pictures

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