The Queen of Versailles (2012)

IMDB: 7.1/10 ,Total viewed: 0
In 2008, the Siegel family was top of the heap with the wealthy and politically influential David Siegel running the successful Westgate Resorts time-share business. To enjoy their good life, he and his engineer turned beauty queen trophy wife, Jackie, were building the largest single family private home in America. Suddenly, both the US economy and Westgate were rocked by the devastating sub-prime mortgage collapse. In the new economic reality with the business teetering on ruin, we follow the Siegels as they struggle to scale down their grotesquely ostentatious lifestyle. For this overprivileged family, accepting that situation proved a dispiriting struggle even as their unfinished dream home became a monument of their superficial values.
CountryDenmark, Netherlands, UK, USA
Release Year2012
Duration100 min
DirectorLauren Greenfield
ActorsAlyse Barker, Lorraine Barrett, June Downs, Phillip Froehlich, Marissa Gaspay, Jonquil, Tina Martinez, Virginia Nebab, Wendy Ponce, David Siegel, Jaqueline Siegel, Richard Siegel, Victoria Siegel, Katie Stam, Terry Vaughn
ProductionEvergreen Pictures, BBC Storyville, Impact Partners

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