The Lost Wife of Robert Durst (2017)

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The Lost Wife of Robert Durst (2017)
Young and wide-eyed, Kathie (McPhee) falls in love with charming yet quirky real estate scion Robert Durst (Gillies), only to find their marriage turning stranger, darker and more disturbing as time passes. When Kathie vanishes in 1982, her family and friends are deeply disturbed that her disappearance isn't taken seriously by police.
GenresBiography, Crime, Drama, History, Thriller
Release Year2017
DirectorYves Simoneau
ActorsKatharine McPhee, Daniel Gillies, John Glover, Fiona Vroom, Ryan Robbins, Jesse Hutch, Martin Donovan, Blair Penner, Kwesi Ameyaw, Ella Cannon, Kyla Wise, Aidan Kahn, Jason Schombing, Michael Dickson, Vaughan Winmill
ProductionLifetime, Lincoln Square Productions

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