The Last Letter (2004)

IMDB: 4.8/10 ,Total viewed: 0
The Last Letter (2004)
We join the trial of a suspected serial killer as the judge gives his final instructions to the jury. The jury seems set to convict but the foreman persuades them to first examine the evidence. As he reviews the evidence and describes the various murders the jurors begin to waiver. As the foreman continues to vividly recount the killings one by one it becomes more and more obvious that he is more involved in the case than he is letting on.
GenresDrama, Mystery, Thriller
Release Year2004
Duration77 min
DirectorRussell Gannon
ActorsWilliam Forsythe, Yancy Butler, Grace Zabriskie, Robert Miranda, Demetrius Navarro, Lauren Stamile, Frantz Turner, Lee de Broux, Kevin Weiler, Taylor Stanley, Leslie Ishii, Rosemarie Smith-Coleman, Jack Forcinito, Leo Rossi, David Rael
ProductionTwo-Oceans Pass Filmworks, DRD1 Productions

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