The Details (2011)

IMDB: 6.2/10 ,Total viewed: 0
In King County, Washington, Dr. Jeff Lang has been married for ten years with Nealy Lang and they have a little boy. Their best friends are Rebecca Mazzoni, who studied with Jeff in the medical school, and her husband Peter Mazzoni. Jeff decides to sod his backyard, but the grass comes with worms underneath and raccoons destroy his sod during the night. Jeff wants also build another room in the house for his planned second son, but the City Hall blocks the project. Jeff decides to build the room without the approval and he gives a beautiful plant for his next door neighbor, the unstable Lila (Laura Linney) that lives with her cat Matthew, expecting that she does not denounce his construction work to the authorities. Jeff also likes to play basketball with his friend Lincoln, who has kidney problem and needs hemodialysis. However, the raccoons disturb Jeff and Nealy has not had sex with him for six months. Jeff decides to poison the raccoon and he meets Rebecca to drink and relief his ...
GenresDrama, Comedy
Release Year2011
Duration101 min
DirectorJacob Estes (as Jacob Aaron Estes)
ActorsTobey Maguire, Gary Schwartz, José Gandara, Elizabeth Banks, Miles Ellenwood, Kerry Washington, Ray Liotta, Rose Cano, Laura Linney, Traci L. Crouch, Dennis Haysbert, Cathy Vu, Gretchen Liebrum, Marlette Buchanan, James Kruk
ProductionLD Entertainment, Mark Gordon Productions

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