The Amazing Race Season 29 (2017)

IMDB: 8.0/10 ,Total viewed: 0
In a brand new twist, all 22 Racers are complete strangers who will meet on the starting line. Before "GO," Racers will immediately compete in a challenge that will determine the order for picking a Teammate, based on nothing but first impressions. These new pairs of Teammates will then have mere moments to learn their traveling companion's name before beginning a race around the world that will span 9 countries, 17 cities and 36,000 miles.
GenresAction, Adventure, Game-Show, Reality-TV
Release Year2017
Duration43 min
DirectorBertram van Munster
ActorsPhil Keoghan, Olive Beauregard, Brooke Camhi, Michael Rado, Shamir Arzeno, Jennifer Lee, Jessica Shields, Seth Tyler, Scott Flanary, Redmond Ramos, Vanck Zhu, Francesca Piccoli, Matt Ladley, Floyd Pierce, Becca Droz
ProductionJerry Bruckheimer Television, Worldrace Productions, Amazing Race Productions

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