Suburban Nightmare (2004)

IMDB: 5.2/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Outwardly stable Charles Rosenblad and his short-tempered wife Deborah seem like your average suburban couple. However, they are actually lethal and insane serial killers with serious marital problems. Everything comes to a head one fateful night in which the twisted twosome realize the love has gone out of their relationship and they subsequently turn on each other.
Release Year2004
Duration85 min
DirectorJon Keeyes
ActorsBrandy Little, Trent Haaga, Hayden Tweedie, Kimberly Grant, Robert McCollum, Farah White, Anjanette Clewis, Randal Scott, Jim McNeil, Robert Malone, Terri Lynn Carey, Cyndi Hearne, D. Kristell Hines, Mark E. Howell, Jennifer Keeyes
ProductionHighland Myst Entertainment

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