Shrimp Crawl (2013)

IMDB: /10 ,Total viewed: 0
An English musicologist discovers an audio tape of ancient, mesmerizing music,called Shrimpcrawl, that leads him south, to the salt marshes of Florida. He finds a remote group that has kept alive the intoxicating 'music of the grass'. A charismatic leader uses the music and other means to control his followers. Big trouble ensues when the Englishman attempts to tape music. A young ad agency intern from New York is also headed for the marshes, for a fishing trip with his estranged father, an oyster fisherman. They cross paths with the researcher, and questions arise about the father's relationship to the clan and it's leader. A startling revelation leads to a showdown between those seeking power over others and those discovering power to change themselves.
GenresAction, Drama, Music
Release Year2013
Duration101 min
DirectorMike Green
ActorsFrank Roberts, Alan J. Sanders, Tommy Dean, Chuck Shropshire, Greg Hill, George Robinson, Susan Del Monico, John Broaddus, Tommy Dean, Susan Delmonico, Chris Powell

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