Renegade (2011)

IMDB: 7.7/10 ,Total viewed: 0
MATTIE is a story of life, love, and gold mining. Mattie, a young lady living in a mining camp of the southwest, falls in love and unwittingly marries a claim jumper. While a true ethical gold miner falls in love with her. Yet the gold fields of the old west brings her death, confusion, and the hard reality of her claim jumping husband. Family and friends reach out to Mattie and teach her that trouble brings out the truth in people. The good and the bad shall be revealed.
GenresDrama, Family, Romance, Western
Release Year2011
Duration115 min
DirectorMichael Dohrmann
ActorsKaylee DeFer, Ric Maddox, Ryan Doom, Danielle Demski, Tony Yeatropoulos, Lou Pimber, Brandon Lee Pittman, Micah Bond, George Chatalas, Larry Coulter, Chris Dunn, Matthew Maddox, Susi Vidal, Quincy Cooper, Kati Vidal
ProductionChosen FilmWorks

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