Rapid Fear (2004)

IMDB: 3.3/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Six teenage criminals and a hardened, recently released ex-con are given a shot at rehabilitation under unusual circumstances in RAPID FEAR. The seven scoundrels are dumped in a forest, and the older man has to lead the six youngsters to safety, teaching them all a lesson in the process. But a strange presence lurks in the woods and may prevent them from leaving at all.
Release Year2004
Duration100 min
DirectorGeoff Cox
ActorsSteven Grives, Peter Kent, Craig Marriott, Dragista Derbert, Guy Edmonds, Belle Shootingstar, Helen Christinson, Vanja Matula, Remi Broadway, Erich Thrill, Gary Atkinson, Avelino 'El Rico' Lescot, Val Beattie, Geoff Cox, John D'Amico
ProductionTempo Pictures, Procam Australia

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