Never Say Never Mind: The Swedish Bikini Team (2003)

IMDB: 4.2/10 ,Total viewed: 0
NEVER SAY...NEVER MIND, the SWEDISH BIKINI TEAM find themselves in London at BUCKINGHAM PALACE receiving British Orders of Chivalry. But first, they must locate and destroy a copy of the infamous Los Alamos hard drive. Meanwhile, HELGA is missing in action in AMAZONIA and gets her Damehood in absentia. The other TEAM MEMBERS think that their next stop will be a leisurely yacht cruise and an appearance at the International Bikini Team Federation (IBTF) Open, where they will be judging the contest. Little do they know that intrigue, adventure, portable nuclear devices, a mutant yeast strain and danger in high places awaits.
GenresAction, Adventure, Comedy
Release Year2003
Duration93 min
DirectorBuzz Feitshans IV (as Frederick Feitshans IV)
ActorsBruce Payne, John Rhys-Davies, Vendela Stjernstrom, Cecilie Bull, Asa, Erika, Dyan Keenan, Anthony Brophy, Vincent Marzello, Janet McCabe, Andy Dennehy, Raj Ghatak, Ken Samules, Nick Brimble, Denis Lill
ProductionOverlode Productions, Revenge Films Ltd., A Plus Entertainment

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