My Last Love (2017)

IMDB: 6.1/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Bong-yong Kim is one of a modest Korean dad who struggles to survive from the work place without any time to get along with his family. He has to work over than he had to, since the boss treat him like his servant - drink late every night, drive the boss to his home. His wife, Hwayeon, blames him for his indifference to family, and twins in puberty, Woo-joo and Dal-nim, also in trouble with their father. The late child 'Byeol-nim' is his only one who acts charm and shows cuteness to him.. MY LAST LOVE, when every family member starts to share with caring each other at last.
CountrySouth Korea
Release Year2017
Duration107 min
DirectorKwang-kyo Jin (as Jin Gwang-gyo)
ActorsHong-suk, Mi-seon Jeon, So-hyun Kwon, Ji-ru Sung, Lee Yewon
ProductionCBS(Christian Broadcating system), Waho Entertainment

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