Mr. Troop Mom (2009)

IMDB: 4.5/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Lawyer Eddie Serrano is extremely busy, yet the widower tries to be there whenever his daughter Naomi needs parental support. When a parent volunteer from her scouts troop falls ill last moment, he volunteers to take her place during a field camp. Alas, it's run in military style by the tyrannical Miss Hulka, who can't appreciate Eddie's pragmatic approach. Nerdy Harry Matthews, who was supposed to stand in at the law firm, passes by with some papers but gets involved in the scheming which mainly opposes Naomi's troop and rival Skylar's.
GenresComedy, Family
Release Year2009
Duration84 min
DirectorWilliam Dear
ActorsGeorge Lopez, Daniela Bobadilla, Jane Lynch, Julia Benson, Elizabeth Thai, April Telek, Pyper De Marsh, Jessica McLeod, Laine MacNeil, Jianna Ballard, Mayan Lopez, Geoff Gustafson, Alex Wolff, Nat Wolff, Cole Heppell
ProductionGeorge Lopez Presents, Warner Premiere

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