Midnight Macabre (2017)

IMDB: 4.8/10 ,Total viewed: 0
3 Tales of the unknown featuring the stories of "Midnight Macabre"...A year after the unsolved case of 5 mysterious deaths, 3 girls return to the same house and decide to play the game Midnight Macabre to find out what really happened. "3 A.M" - 2 reality show ghost hunters stumble upon a call that may be more then what they expected. "A Soul Was Sold" - After her brother goes missing Nora soon discovers this is not just a normal missing persons case.
GenresAdult, Horror
Release Year2017
Duration73 min
DirectorJoe Haugh
ActorsRobert Angelo, Faith Clevenger, Joya Dawson, Tabatha Deuel, Kody Evans, Jesse L. Green, Joe Haugh, Daniel Johnson, Lindsay Lockhart, Jasmin Morin, Khaled Omar, Salah Omar, Mika Sanchesz, Kerri Taylor, Zach Thomas
ProductionMFTD Entertainment

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