Maverick: Manhunt Brazil (2016)

IMDB: 6.4/10 ,Total viewed: 0
A stranger arrives to the small town of Passo Fundo, south of Brazil. And he's on a manhunt of a killer. As the plot develops, Maverick sees himself in the middle of a drug conspiracy, running by an international conglomerate. Playing cat and mouse, where not only he is playing the mouse but also the bait in a fight where everything is a set up of smoke and mirrors.
GenresAction, Crime, Romance, Thriller
Release Year2016
Duration90 min
DirectorEmiliano Ruschel
ActorsEmiliano Ruschel, Larissa Vereza, Pietra Gasparin, Carla Elgert, Márcio Kieling, Massayuki Yamamoto, Michelle Birkheuer, Cesar Scortegagna, Carlos Takeshi, Mark Lucas, Mateus Billy, Roberto Campos Jr., Max Cenci, Bruna Giongo, Ricardo Henriques
ProductionDia Industria da Arte, Film Journée, Sky Pictures

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