Living & Dying (2007)

IMDB: 4.1/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Two killers turn the tables on a trio of robbers when they find themselves in a hostage situation. Surrounded by the police, the robbers must become the heroes before the killers execute everyone.
GenresAction, Crime, Thriller
Release Year2007
Duration90 min
DirectorJon Keeyes
ActorsTom Zembrod, Edward Furlong, Michael Madsen, Bai Ling, Maurice Ripke, Malgorzata Kozuchowska, Robin McGee, Venice Gell, Cynthia Marquoit, Jordana Spiro, Brandy Little, Hayden Tweedie, Curtis Wayne, Trent Haaga, Libby Villari
ProductionNew Films International, Hermès Film, Highland Myst Entertainment

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