Little Accidents (2014)

IMDB: 5.8/10 ,Total viewed: 0
A recent coal mining accident has killed several miners and left the small town community scarred and traumatized. The wealthy mining executive responsible for the accident, Bill Doyle, wants to pretend that it never happened, referring to the mining families as "trailer trash". His wife Diana and son JT know better, though. Diana is drowning in guilt and feels socially awkward around the other rich snobs she used to be friends with. She copes with it by having an affair with Amos, the lone survivor of the mining accident who now walks with a limp and lives with his dying father. JT is worried that his father will go to prison, and takes out his anger on the mining families' children, especially Owen Briggs. Owen is a young boy who lost his father in the disaster. He lives with his bad-tempered aunt, his grieving mother, and his little brother James, who has Down's Syndrome. One day Owen is in the woods with James, and he gets into a fight with JT, accidentally going too far...
Release Year2014
Duration105 min
DirectorSara Colangelo
ActorsElizabeth Banks, Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Lofland, Josh Lucas, James DeForest Parker, Alexia Rasmussen, Travis Tope, Beau Wright, Randy Springer, Chloë Sevigny, Jerry Basham, Grant Bauman, Mike Bizzarri, Katie DeLuca, Rita Elswick
ProductionArcher Gray, Maiden Voyage Pictures, MindSmack Productions

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