Lipstick (2013)

IMDB: 3.8/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Lipstick (2013)
Everything was perfect for international superstar Arina... until she became the target of an obsessive fan. Afraid for her life, Arina begs for protection from respected police officer Goto, who reveals himself as the very person Anna fears most! Brutalized and ignored by her friends and family, Anna - now armed with a machete - decides to reap her revenge.
Release Year2013
Duration70 min
DirectorAinosuke Shibata
ActorsGo Kanma, Hiroaki Kawatsure, Natsuko Kimura, Yohei Kisarazu, Mickey Koga, Shôichi Matsuda, Shôko Nakahara, Isamu Sugihara, Chiemi Toi, Miyuki Yokoyama
ProductionGlow United, Guild, New Select

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