Girls Lost (2015)

IMDB: 6.1/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Three young girls' friendship is tested after they plant a very special flower; the Nectar from the flower changes their lives- and friendship - forever, as they get a taste of what it's like growing up as a boy. It's a story of how we've created gender, and how to know who you are when society is telling you who you should be, but also a story about young love and lust.
CountryFinland, Sweden
Release Year2015
Duration106 min
DirectorAlexandra-Therese Keining
ActorsMandus Berg, Adam Dahlgren, Malin Eriksson, Alexander Gustavsson, Wilma Holmén, Tuva Jagell, Josefin Neldén, Louise Nyvall, Anette Nääs, Simon Settergren, Filip Vester, Vilgot Ostwald Vesterlund, Lars Väringer, Olle Wirenhed, Emrik Öhlander
ProductionGötafilm, Periferia Productions Ky, Film i Väst

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