Frequencies: OXV: The Manual (2013)

IMDB: 6.8/10 ,Total viewed: 0
In an alternate reality, children learn how lucky they will be (their "frequency"), knowledge which shapes their destiny. The unluckiest boy must parse the mysteries of free will in order to pursue his forbidden love of the luckiest girl.
GenresMystery, Sci-Fi, Romance
CountryAustralia, UK
Release Year2013
Duration105 min
DirectorDarren Paul Fisher
ActorsDaniel Fraser, Eleanor Wyld, Owen Pugh, Dylan Llewellyn, Georgina Minter-Brown, Tom England, Charlie Rixon, Lily Laight, Ethan Turton, David Broughton-Davies, Emma Powell, David Barnaby, Doris Zajer, Timothy Block, Ria Carroll

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