For Such a Time as This: The Story of Esther (2010)

IMDB: /10 ,Total viewed: 0
You're an adopted orphan teenager in a violent world. After the sorrow you've known, your chief desire is to marry, raise a happy family and live a quiet life. Because of your astounding beauty, the future seem to offer you all the love your heart could hold. Suddenly your peaceful dreams are shattered when the king of the civilized world throws the mother of all feasts. In a drunken display of bravado he commands the queen to display herself before his princes. She refuses. Suddenly the Persian empire is without a queen. Thus begins the greatest beauty pageant history as the king's servants scour the entire civilized world for a lovely young virgin fit to replace the displaced queen. You go into hiding. You dress as a servant and try to look plain. but all to no avail, for the fame of your beauty is too large to hide. There is pounding at your door and suddenly your dreams no longer matter. You are wrenched from the arms of the only one who loves you for more than your astounding ...
Release Year2010
Duration130 min
DirectorJames Constantine
ActorsGaie Baldwin, Pat Cochran, Larry Davidson, Larry Gabel, John D. George, Artie Gusman, Clytan Gusman, Steve Haynal, Scott Johnson, Ron Lewis, Douglas Lively, Don Lowe, Curtis Lyon, Gus Papakostas, Paul Pickett
ProductionQuiet Hour Productions

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