Fool's Day (2013)

IMDB: 8.2/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Fool's Day is a dark comedy about a 4th grade class that pull an innocent, April Fool's prank on their teacher...that accidentally kills her. Panicked and convinced they will go to prison, the blood splattered classmates try to cover up the murder and dispose of the body before their D.A.R.E. officer shows up for his weekly lesson.
GenresComedy, Drama, Short, Thriller
Release Year2013
Duration19 min
DirectorCody Blue Snider
ActorsMitchell Jarvis, Justin Absatz, Phyllis Bowen, Jeremiah Burch III, Cole Canzano, Annabelle Curcio, Jeana Donohue, Anjelicia Espinoza, Ashley Figueroa, Clare Foley, Liam Foley, Rebecca Lynn Goldfarb, Bella Gordon, Sammi Haegele, Chase Hayden
ProductionSTT Productions

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