Flight of the Butterflies (2012)

IMDB: 7.2/10 ,Total viewed: 0
It is a natural history epic. It is a detective story. Join hundreds of millions of real butterflies on an amazing journey to a remote and secret hideaway, and one scientist's 40-year search to unravel the mystery - where do they go each fall? Experience the Flight of the Butterflies.
GenresBiography, Documentary, Drama, Family
CountryCanada, Mexico, UK
Release Year2012
Duration40 min
DirectorMike Slee
ActorsGordon Pinsent, Patricia Phillips, Shaun Benson, Stephen Bogaert, Megan Follows, Manolo Jimenez Frayre, Jayden Greig, Dylan Hoerner, Kevin MacDonald, Gerardo Martínez, Jeffrey McRae, Matthew Oliver, Montserrat Oliver, Alexandra Ordolis, Thomas Price
ProductionFootsteps Post-Production Sound, SK Films, Sin Sentido Films

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