Edtv (1999)

IMDB: 6.1/10 ,Total viewed: 0
In a Hail Mary move for corporate preservation, the San Francisco based Northwest Broadcasting Corporation launches True TV, a new network which will broadcast the life of an Average Joe or Jane, 24/7 live and thus unedited, the subject chosen signed initially for one month. The project is conceived and led by one of the producers, Cynthia, but her boss, NWBC president Whitaker, will take the credit if it succeeds, and let her sink as the captain of the ship if it fails. The network is rebranded EdTV when Cynthia believes she's found her subject, Ed Pekurny, a native Texas hayseed, who fits the two main criteria that she is looking for in the person: he is easy on the eyes, and he has what seems to be a potential trainwreck of a life in that he he is thirty-one years old, spends most of his time hanging out at the bar, and has no ambition beyond his longtime dead end job as a clerk in a video store. Ed did not actively campaign for the job - his blowhard of a brother Ray was the one ...
GenresComedy, Drama
Release Year1999
Duration122 min
DirectorRon Howard
ActorsGeoffrey Blake, Gail Boggs, Jenna Byrne, Merrin Dungey, Ian Gomez, Gavin Grazer, Chris Hogan, Arianna Huffington, Larry Flash Jenkins, Wendle Josepher, Scott LaRose, John Livingston, Mitzi McCall, Jim Meskimen, Don Most
ProductionImagine Entertainment, Universal Pictures

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