Don't Take My Baby (2015)

IMDB: 7.6/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Don't Take My Baby (2015)
Wheelchair user Anna and partially sighted Tom are the parents of baby Danielle but because of their disabilities their parenting skills are called into doubt and they are interviewed by social worker Belinda, who queries whether Anna, who has been given a finite time to live, may have passed her condition on to her daughter. The youngsters argue, with each other and their own parents and initially dread Belinda's home visits. Ultimately their futures are decided at a case conference where they are both exceedingly honest about their situation and are treated accordingly.
Release Year2015
Duration57 min
DirectorBen Anthony
ActorsQueen Allen, Amanda Barnley, Jill Buchanan, Kate Budge, Daniel Cerqueira, William Chubb, Marie Critchley, Benjamin Cruickshank, Neil D'Souza, Jason Dear, Sophie Duval, Robbie Faulkner, Ryan Faulkner, Julia Ford, Ross Grant
ProductionBritish Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

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