Cutting Room (2006)

IMDB: 4.3/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Cutting Room (2006)
Neophyte filmmaker Ed Smith achieves more realism than he'd ever imagined when someone begins knocking off the cast and crew of his schlocky serial-killer movie. As people on the set of "Curse of the Killer" meet their deaths one by one, it's up to Smith and his grumpy casting director to keep the production from falling apart.
GenresComedy, Horror, Mystery
Release Year2006
Duration83 min
DirectorIan Truitner
ActorsElizabeth Daily, Mark Elias, Weetus Cren, Richard T. Jones, Jon Polito, Tricia Alley, Chopper Bernet, Phillip Darlington, Victoria De Mare, Melinda Durham, Richard Halpern, Kristy Jean Hulslander, Tony Keyes, Garrison Koch, Lindsey Labrum
ProductionSix 14 Productions, Thousand Mile Media

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