Consignment (2007)

IMDB: 6.1/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Consignment, inspired by true events, is a fast-paced story about drug dealing, street power, and dirty money from director Sid Kali. Tommy Jones (Tim Beachum) is a respected player in the East Coast dope game until his boss attempts to have him ripped off and killed by rivals. Tommy is forced to flee to California with his wife. Soon after, he goes to work selling drugs with his murderous cousin Carmelo. Things get hotter when Tommy is forced to take a large shipment of crystal meth on consignment from a Latino shot caller. Life boils over when a secret from his wife's past cuts him to his core.
GenresAction, Crime, Drama
Release Year2007
Duration87 min
DirectorSid Kali
ActorsJames E. Hurd Jr., Jerome Hawkins, Tim Beachum, Walter Pagan, Andrea Jimenez, Lee Wesley, Ruben Navarro, Stream Gardner, Eljaye Jennings, Anthony Napoli, Arnita Epps- Wood, Celestino Cornielle, Joanna Hernandez, Kelsey Barney, Jerome Bautista
ProductionSlice Of Americana Films

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