Cannibal Suburbia (2008)

IMDB: 4.1/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Disturbed entertainers Donkey Punch Disco and the Secret Mango take us through three tales of violence, comedy and feces situated in the Melbourne suburbs. The first story revolves around a disastrous party, the second is a tale of psychotic doppelgangers and finally we have a gory explosion of terror as an unlucky sleaze hound experiences painful tortures inflicted by a nameless girl.
GenresComedy, Horror
Release Year2008
Duration80 min
DirectorDave Jackson, Jean-Luc Syndikas
ActorsDonkey Punch Disco, Secret Mango, Amos Phillips, Giulia Ferrari, Evonne Fletcher, Sarah Derum, Dean Kirkright, John Teague, Lee Foyster, Peter Reid, Susanne Hausschmid, Troy Nankervis, Mikhaela Lombardozzi, Jacinta Lombardozzi, Laurence Syndikas

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