Brotherhood of Blades (2014)

IMDB: 6.6/10 ,Total viewed: 0
This is a movie set in the late Ming Dynasty. The 3 main characters are all elite guards for the palace. One of their fellow guardsmen goes bad. His former companions must now forget their bond and apprehend him. But are they being lured into a larger conspiracy against their emperor?
Release Year2014
Duration111 min
DirectorYang Lu
ActorsChen Chang, Shih-Chieh King, Dong-xue Li, Shi Shi Liu, Yuan Nie, Qianyuan Wang, Xiaobo Yang, Qing Ye, Lixin Zhao, Yiwei Zhou, Dan Zhu
ProductionBeijing Dachu Changge Film And TV Culture Co., Central Newsreel and Documentary Film Studio, China Film Co.

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