Bathing Franky (2012)

IMDB: 7.3/10 ,Total viewed: 0
When Steve is released from prison, he is unable to connect with his girlfriend, as he is still haunted by his relationship with a fellow inmate. Taking a 'meals-on-wheels' job, he meets Rod, a wildly irrepressible older man, who is the full time carer for his invalid mother who, when not confined to a wheelchair, gets about on her modified ride-on lawn mower. Steve is captivated by the older pair's extravagant world of make-believe and a close friendship between the men develops.
GenresComedy, Drama
Release Year2012
Duration86 min
DirectorOwen Elliott
ActorsHenri Szeps, Maria Venuti, Shaun Goss, Bree Desborough, Michael Winchester, Jancita Day, Brendan Madigan, Matthew J. Schelle, Alexander Spinks, Letitia Sutherland, Ben Tranter
Production76 Pictures, Purple Top Productions

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