Banat (2015)

IMDB: 5.8/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Bari, a city caught in the relentless economic crisis. Ivo is an agronomist, but the lack of opportunities pushes him to accept a job in the fertile region of Banat in Romania. Clara has just ended a relationship and is about to lose her job at the Bari harbor. Ivo and Clara meet by chance and seem to immediately understand each other. They spend only one night together before Ivo's departure, but that is enough to create a bond and wanting to meet again. When Clara visits him in Romania, they fall in love. But is exile their only way to happiness?
CountryBulgaria, Italy, Republic of Macedonia, Romania
Release Year2015
Duration82 min
DirectorAdriano Valerio
ActorsEdoardo Gabbriellini, Elena Radonicich, Stefan Velniciuc, Piera Degli Esposti, Ovanes Torosian
ProductionMovimento Film, ARS Digital Studio, KT Film & Media

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