At Stake: Vampire Solutions (2012)

IMDB: 6.6/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Memphis film student, Evan Shandling, decides that his senior film should be about how the economy has effected local businesses. So with that in mind, Evan packs up his camera and heads south into North Mississippi to document one of the hardest hit and most dangerous jobs around, vampire removal. Embedding himself with the small vampire removal company, At Stake: Vampire Solutions (AS:VS), Evan documents, interview and goes on calls with AS:VS workers as they struggle to keep their business afloat and make it to the next day alive.
Release Year2012
Duration85 min
DirectorJim Weter
ActorsCarl Pfeiffer, Jerry Kimble, Joshua Brunson, Anastasia Gale, Michael Goff, Jimmy Patterson, Carl E. Walters, Gerald McGee, Mark Pergolizzi, Steven Jubera, Katie Top, Katherine Mitchell, Laurie Snyder, Monica Summerfield, Geoff Falk
ProductionCellardoor Cinema, TNC Shreveport

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