Argentina (2015)

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Argentina (2015)
Carlos Saura documentary that explores the Argentine folklore. We offers a tour on a world past, present and future of a genre that marked the youth-winning filmmaker. Saura's meeting with some of the best artists and groups from Argentina, allows us to look to a very particular vision of an art that has the age of the people who gave it birth.
GenresDocumentary, Musical
CountryArgentina, France, Spain
Release Year2015
Duration85 min
DirectorCarlos Saura
ActorsPedro Aznar, Juan Falú, Marian Farías Gómez, Gabo Ferro, Liliana Herrero, Jairo, Luciana Jury, Horacio Lavandera, Luis Salinas, Walter Soria, Jaime Torres
ProductionBarakacine Producciones, Mondex&cie, Zebra Producciones

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