After the Outbreak (2017)

IMDB: 7.9/10 ,Total viewed: 0
After the Outbreak (2017)
After a toxic spill creates an infectious outbreak, causing people to be filled with rage and turning to cannibalism, four survivors converge upon a house nestled deep in the woods. Together, they must try to survive the madness happening outside, the uncertainty and each other. As things become more grim, hope fades and supplies run low, people's true selves begin to show. The four must try to survive the monsters outside and within.
GenresHorror, Sci-Fi
Release Year2017
Duration80 min
DirectorLarry Rosen
ActorsBrandon Schraml, Irina Gorovaia, Deirdre Lorenz, Yaron Urbas, Jean Louise O'Sullivan, Deborah Twiss, Mariana Cardenas, Scott Churchson, Mathilde Dehaye, Mischa Ipp, Yair Koas, Anna Kulinova, Vivian Yoon Lee, Shruthi Mathur, Meaghan Monaghan
ProductionHappy Smile Films, Rosenguez Productions

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