A Thin Place (2017)

IMDB: 5.2/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Grace, a young heroin addict and Jamie, her alcoholic doctor, imprisoned by the horror of addiction and sexual co-dependency take a powerful natural hallucinogenic in order to travel the spiritual road to recovery. Whilst seeking the truth to their present and past behaviour but driven by self-obsession and malevolent denial, far from leading to salvation, the road they actually travel leads them to a place from which they may never return. A place where the truth is more horrific than the lies they tell themselves. One person from a past that connects them both holds the key to their new place of captivity and that person is in no hurry to leave.
Release Year2017
Duration127 min
DirectorCharles Alexander
ActorsJosephine Welcome, Aspen Clark, Dylan Raw-Rees, Liam Callanan, Andrea Edwards, Sophia Brydie, Katy Symons, Lippy Pugh
ProductionAMP Media, Thin Place Productions

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