A Mom for Christmas (1990)

IMDB: 6.7/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Jessie is a young girl who's mother died when she was just three. When she wins a free wish in a department store she wishes for a mom to be with and to shop with over the holidays. Her wish brings Amy, a mannequin, to life and into her life as her Mom for Christmas.
GenresComedy, Family, Fantasy
Release Year1990
Duration96 min
DirectorGeorge Miller
ActorsOlivia Newton-John, Juliet Sorci, Doug Sheehan, Carmen Argenziano, Aubrey Morris, Jim Piddock, Doris Roberts, Elliot Moss Greenbaum, Erica Mitchell, Jesse Vincent, Brett Harrelson, Steve Russell, Greg Procaccino, Ronald M. Lautore, Helen Whitelow
ProductionSteve White Productions, Walt Disney Television

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