48 Below (2010)

IMDB: 3.6/10 ,Total viewed: 0
Six teenagers learn how fast their comfortable, self-centered lives can transform into a life-threatening lesson of survival, as an ill-prepared afternoon snowboarding trip turns tragic with injury and sub-zero temperatures. Discord and teenage angst poison the atmosphere of a small town, whose residents are soon to learn the importance of faith and unity to their very existence. 48 Below was written, filmed and produced on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, and captures the Alaskan teenage culture as never before. Based on a true story.
Release Year2010
Duration92 min
DirectorArchie Archambo
ActorsArchie Archambo, Angela Brazington, Marv Brazington, Kalee Brusven, Joshua Butler, David Drinkwater, Travis Gage, Catherine Gibson, Rebecca Kitson, Charity Ludvick, Mitchell McCurdy, Sarah Morris, Sherry Morris, Katlyn Persinger, Tiffany Persinger
ProductionSterling Crown Studios

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